We Heard a Soft Sound

This book is intended to help children develop an empathy and enthusiasm for animals as well as respect for the environment. We hope they will learn a little about hedgehogs too.

The series is also designed to teach children the virtues of co-operation and communication, of patience, courage and curiosity alongside a passion for learning. In addition, we hope these books will help foster strong sibling bonds among children, while improving their English language skills in a fun and easy way.

Story: We follow the adventures of two brothers who go exploring in their garden one night.  They hear a rustling noise and after searching very carefully eventually discover a friendly little hedgehog.
Discover what happens next in their garden adventure!

<With a forward by Sir Brian May, astrophysicist, Queen guitarist and animal right activist.>



In this children’s adventure book: One evening, two young brothers, David and Oliver are out in the garden. Quite by chance they hear a soft rustling sound in the garden. They are curious and keen to find out what the noise is. They start searching but they can’t find anything to begin with. They almost give up, when suddenly – to their surprise and delight – they find a curious and very friendly little hedgehog!

Learning / skill development: Helps children develop an interest and empathy for animals, for wildlife, the environment and a little about hedgehogs too.

Seeks to improve children’s co-operation, teamwork and communication skills as well as developing patience, courage and a spirit of enquiry. It also aims to foster strong sibling bonds among children, while improving their English language skills.

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